Misyon Online - September-October 1993

September-October 1993

A Strange Meeting on Foreign Shores

By: Emma Pabera

The Bad Guys!
Would you believe that it is only in Pakistan that I have spoken to Filipino boys and Muslim men in general? It sounds strange, but it is true. The Muslim are in Mindanao, in Southern Philippines, while I am from Negros in Western Visayas. All the stories I read and heard about Muslim brothers and sisters are negative. This is the reason why I had developed a bias and negative attitude towards them. Muslim in the Philippines are known to be brave and warlike people. Most pirates are Muslims. They cannot be trusted some say.

Days in the Desert

By: Sr. Virgie Mozo

Sr. Virgie Mozo goes into the desert to prepare for her final profession. There she finds herself and finds God-she also finds that the people have no priest and have joined other faiths.

Special Preparation
Part of my formation as a junior sister before making final commitment is to have approximately two months of special spiritual preparation before the final profession. As I’m working  in a ‘poblacion’ with different groups such Basic Christian Communities of women, men, and children I asked Sister Ita McElwain, who is my companion on my journey in religious life, that I would withdraw from actual participation during this period of preparation I would go into the desert.

Into the Amazon

Greetings of Peace from the Amazon region of Brazil

By: Fr. Noel Octavio, CICM

Just Beginning
I am completing my 10th month in the parish, my second assignment since I arrived last March 1989. This parish is located in the municipality of Itupiranga, state a Para in the Northern region of Brazil.

Pious Disciples

By: Sr. Fidelis Ong, PDDM

A Touching and Beautiful Apostolate in our Frenetic World.

Three Fold Apostolate
We the Pious Disciples of the Divine Master here in Taiwan are “alive, awake and enthusiastic” despite the language barriers. Our three-fold-apostolate: Liturgical, Priestly and Eucharistic is going along smoothly.

The Last Colony

By: Sr. Nora, FMM

 Last Colony
I arrived in my mission, French Guiana (Guyane Francaise) thirteen years ago. Situated in South America but quite different from the Latin America countries in this continent, Guyane Francaise is a “French department overseas” (department d’ outré-mer). A French colony, it became a French “department” in 1946, a transformation proposed by France to help the country develop politically and socially.