September-October 1998

Mother Teresa Her Spirit still Lives on

By Fr. Niall O’Brien

Vocation within a vocation

A year ago, Mother Teresa of Calcutta died, this extraordinary woman was born in Albania which subsequently became the first officially atheist country in the world. They young Albanian woman joined the Loreto Sisters. She was sent to Ireland to train.

Dying in the Streets

From there she was sent to India to teach in a Catholic School run by the Loreto Sisters. That was were she found her second ‘vocation within a vocation’. When the young Teresa went though Calcutta she saw people dying right here along the streets. She began to try to help. However she soon realized that this was a full time job. So she asked to be releases from the Sisters of Loreto and to start a small group of Sisters who would look after the dying in the streets.

A New Springtime Coming

By Tony O’Brien

Fair exchange

In March 1997, Frs. Joseph Cho and Felix Lee of Seoul Archdiocese, who were ordained in 1992, came to the Philippines for six years as associate Columban priests. In the Philippines they will work with Columbans and Filipino diocesan priests. In September 1997 two newly ordained Columban Filipino priests, Leo Distor and Abraham Sumalinog returned to Korea where they had spent two years as students on overseas training.

A Special Place in my Heart

By Sr. Theresita de Lara, FSP

People belonging to the black race always have a special place in my heart. At the age of seven I saw film about Africans being maltreated by the whites because of the color of their skin. I had told myself that one day I would become a missionary teacher and a champion for the human rights of the blacks.

Death Where is Thy Sting

By Johnny Hagad

Titay Hagad, a life long committed Christian and our own dear promoter of MISYON, departed this life two years ago, Johnny, her husband, has kindly given us permission to print the following from the book he wrote, Looking Back for Tomorrow.

It was on the Eve of Christmas of 1995 when a bolt fell from the sky. For sometime, Titay had been coughing but we both dismissed it as caused by the weather. By December, however, I had become worried by its persistence and on December 24th I told her we had better consult a doctor. She agreed to go to the hospital for a medical check-up, after the New Year, we flew to Manila for the Scan, Dr. Villalon confirmed tour worst fears. It was positively lung cancer which had already spread, asked what he suggested for treatment, the doctor said: “Don’t touch it. Just live as normal a life as you can.”

Art of Prayer

By Anthony de Mello, SJ

Somewhere early in my religious life I had the great good fortune of making a retreat under an extraordinary man, Father Jose Calveras, who had the reputation of teaching people how to pray during his retreats. I knew of venerable old Jesuits who had been many years in religious life and came away from Father Calveras’ retreat saying, “This man has really taught me to pray,” not entirely accurate, of course, because there’s barely any Christian who doesn’t know to pray in some way or other. I suppose what they meant was that Calveras had thought them to pray more satisfactorily and in greater depth. This he certainly did for me.

Be Patient with Us

By Fr. Eugene Canete, CICM

On the afternoon of December 18, 1995, I was ordained a priest in Mandaue City, Cebu, the event was like a Family Day, a grand reunion of relatives, friends and confreres. Some interpreted the occasion as standing for the missionary animation of my parish. For myself, it was more of a Thanksgiving Day for a dream come true. Truly, I thank God for all that has been in my life.

Don't Let Go of your Dream

By Sr. Leonor Montiel, MM

Sister Leonor (Len) Montiel of Romblon is off to Cambodia to join the Maryknoll and to fulfill her dream.

My name is Maria Leonor Montiel and I was born in Looc, Romblon on December 30, 1970, the youngest of the two sons and five daughters of Lucy and Juanito G. Montiel.

After my graduation at the Ateneo, I work with Vietnamese Refugees as a teacher for one year at the Philippines Refugee Processing Center at Bataan Working with the Vietnamese refugees made me race how rich each of our cultures is, as well as the fact the no one culture is perfect.

Brave Journey

By Bro. Condrado Lagaya, SDB

It has been two years since that tragic death of the Jesuits Missionary, Bro Richie Fernando, SJ, here in Cambodia. His memory is still alive among the Catholic communities, especially with the students and staff of the rehabilitation school. Though his mortal remains rest in the Philippines, some of his blood is now enshrined in a tomb placed on top of small mound. And on January 25, 1997, this mound was visited by two Bro. Richie’s loved ones, his mother and his brother.

Missionaries Too Need Renewal

By Sr. Virgie Mozo

Returning missionaries need time to digest and process their recent cross-cultural experiences. They also need time for prayer and renewal. The Balikbayan Missionary Program of the Society of Divine Word offers just this. Sr. Virgie Mozo sent us photos to encourage us to attend.

Telegram from Purgatory

By Fr. Eammon Fleming

It was summertime in Lanao del Sur, Mindanao. In that year 1974 there was turmoil in the Province. I was parish priest of St. Mary‘s parish in Marawi City and chaplain to the Mindanao State University. There had been an insurrection a few years earlier and since we were still under Martial Law there were many skirmishes between the army and the Moro National Liberation Force.

This is Evangelization!

By Sr. Remedios Carmen Locsin, R.A.

In Japan, there are numerous immigrants often in precarious situations, uprooted as they are from their original culture and country. To help them find interior peace and be connection with their own history is to enable them to survive. Such is the mission I find myself in at the present moment in a section of Tokyo.